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2023 Tournament Results 

January Two To Tango: 

1st - Karen Broussard & Wendy Cain

2nd - Mary Cilia & Tammy Cox

3rd - Krystyna Germain & Sheryl Hajda

4th - Barb Bliznak & Wendy Kim

5th - Heather Coble & Amber Kin

DAL - Sheldra Brigham & Crissy Mcilwain 

February Lucky Seven:

1st - Wendy Kim, Roz Folkers, Shelia Schneider, Beth Hott

2nd - Connie Kim, Sue Boggs, Marci Miksch, Crissy McIlwain

3rd - Christianne Lashbrook, Amanda Lefebvre, Tina Southern, Sheldra Brigham

Closest to Pin - Beverly Grace and Barb Bliznak

Longest Drive - Amber Kim and Starla Travis

March Shenannigans:

1st - Heather Coble, Kerry Sinda, Amber Kim & Tina Southern

7th - Lori McKinney, Maddy Williams, Mary Cilia & Carrie Gimmestad

10th - Starla Travis, Katliyn Williams, List & Rachel See

Closest to the Pin - Tammy Cox &

Longest Drive - Kara Schneider & Annie Patterson


April Florida Scramble:

1st - Tina Southern, Carol Langland, Amanda Lefebvre & Sue Boggs

2nd - Heather Coble, Amber Kim, Maddy Williams & Mary Cilia

3rd - Wendy Cain, Christianne Lashbrook, Katie Sepulveda & Starla Travis

4th - Traci Howell, Kerry Sinda, Lori McKinney & Julia Sadler

Closest to Pin - Crissy McIlwain & Karen Millett

Longest Drive - Wendy Cain & Kerry Sinda

May Solheim Cup:

1st - Blue Team: Captain Kerry Sinda

2nd - Red Team: Captain Amanda Willett

June Sucker in a Bucket:

1st - Tammy Cox, Marci Miksch, Mary Cilia, Lori McKinney

2nd - Traci Howell, Amber Kim, Tamara Davis, Stacey Greene

3rd - Carol Langland, Amanda Willett, Wendy Cain, Susan Cannon

Closest to the Pin - Tammy Cox, Maddy Williams

July Flag Tournament:

1st - Amanda Lefebvre

2nd - Amber Kim

3rd - Marci Miksch

4th - Kerry Sinda

5th - Carol Langland

DAL - Krys Henderson

Closest to Pin and Longest Drive - Christianne Lashbrook, Wendy Cain and Krys Henderson

August Hotter Than Hell Pink Ball:

1st - Wendy Cain, Christianne Lashbrook, Marci Miksch, Krystyna Germain

2nd - Amanda Lefebvre, Amanda Willett, Beverly Grace, Crissy McIlwain

3rd - Carol Langland, Barb Bliznak, Wnedy Kim, Connie Kim

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