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USGA Rules shall govern play except where modified by local rules.

  • DRESS CODE - Dress code shall company with the rules of SCC.

  • PLAY DAYS - Play Days are every Thursday and the 3rd Saturday of the month. If a woman wishes to play both days, to participate ladies must belong to SCC & LGA.

  • HANDICAPS - To compete in all weekly events and tournaments a player must have an established handicap. A player joining Sterling Country Club from another club must provide her index and handicap along with the course rating. Otherwise, she shall establish her handicap with a minimum of 5 scores. Every golfer must turn in all her scores, good and bad.

  • FLIGHTS - Flights will be determined by the Tournament Chair or Pro Shop.

  • PRIZES - No team or individual may win more than one prize (gross or net) in competition.

  • MOST IMPROVED AWARD - In order to be eligible for the "Most Improved Golfer" award, a member must have been a member for the entire year, January through December.

  • PUTTS - Putts must be holed out at all times with the exception of match play.

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