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  • OUT OF BOUNDS defined by the following: All white iron stakes and white pipes and all streets.


  • RELIEF WITHOUT PENALTY FROM SWING OR STANCE ONLY One club length or nearest point or relief - not closer to the hole from:
    1. Cart path and active ant hills.
    2. Ruts made by maintenance equipment.
    3. Sprinkler heads and control boxes.
    4. No relief from parallel drainage ditches.


  • POSSIBLE PENALTY SHOT: You may play a provisional ball before determining if your ball is playable in the hazard.


  • BAD WEATHER RULES: Play the ball down, except when it is cart paths only. Then you may lift, clean, and place through the green.


    1. If you hit a ball into tall grass and cannot find it, play it as a lost ball.
    2. If in doubt, play 2 balls into the hole and get a ruling from the Pro Shop.
    3. Free drop is 1 club length; penalty drop is 2 club lengths.
    4. Don't move a ball in the hazard, nor ground your club.



  • OUT-OF-BOUNDS: 1-stroke penalty plus distance. Replay the ball from where it was just played (or tee up again if it was your first shot).


  • UNPLAYABLE LIES: 1-stroke penalty. Drop the ball within two club lengths of the original spot, no nearer to the hole. Or drop the ball as far back as you want, as long as you keep the original unplayable lie point between you and the hole. You may also return to the spot from which you played your original shot if you prefer.


  • WATER HAZARD: 1-stroke penalty. Play the ball as near as possible to the place from which the original shot was hit. Or drop a ball behind the water, as long as you keep the point at which the original ball crossed the edge of the water hazard directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped. There is no limit to how far behind the water hazard you can go with the ball.


  • LATERAL WATER HAZARD: 1- stroke penalty. Drop a ball outside the lateral hazard within two club lengths of where the ball went in, but not nearer to the hole. Or keep a point on the opposite edge of the water hazard equidistant from the hole.

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