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     The Ladies Golf Association invites all ladies both beginners and seasoned players to join us yet again for another year of great golf and social events at Sterling Country Club. This is a social group which combines golf and social events to help bring ladies together in a fun environment! 

     The objective of SCC-LGA is to promote fellowship and friendly competition among female golfers. Our camaraderie goes deeper than just getting together for a game of golf. We have a strong belief in ourselves as a group and do our best to show respect for each one that comes to play on any given day.

     Though we are a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds, we all share a love for the game of golf and our local club. You'll find a warm and friendly atmosphere among the women golfers in our association.

     We encourage you to come out and play a round of golf with us on a Tuesday, Thursday, or weekends to find out why we're so excited about SCC-LGA. Good things are happening at Sterling Country Club.

     If you're looking for a golf home where play is organized, planned and scheduled through out the year, look no further. Come out and join the best ladies golf association in the area!

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