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Fast Play Tips  


  • Play ready golf on the tee.

  • Hit when ready and forget honors.  

  • Be ready on the fairway and around the green.

  • Watch the other players and know when it is your turn.    

  • When riding two to a cart, drop off the closest player and drive to the other ball. Walk forward and don't wait to be picked up.

  • Take the club you think you need plus one you might need.  

  • Do not take more than one practice swing if others are waiting for you to make your shot.

  • After you hit your shot, carry your club in the cart and put it in the bag at the next stop.   Hit a provisional ball if you think your ball is lost or out of bounds.

  • Do not search for lost balls for longer than 5 minutes.  

  • Keep up. Remember that your place on the course is directly behind the group in front of you. Don't be the one who holds up the entire field. 

  • On the putting green, you should be planning your putt so you will be ready when your turn comes.    

  • Putt out if your ball is near the cup.  

  • Keep your equipment with you around the green, placing it between you and your cart.  

  • The first player to putt out should retrieve the flagstick.  

  • Record scores at the next tee, not at the green. 


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